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Oil cleansing for acne

This Oil Cleansing Method is Meant to Cure Acne

Oil cleansing is probably one of the simplest methods to get perfect skin. The concept may appear strange in the beginning, but once you give it a try, you will understand that it works.

DIY Lip balm

How To Make EOS Lip Balm In Just 5 Minutes

This DIY lip balm recipe isn’t life-changing as it’s so easy to create and experiment the flavors of your DIY lip balm.

Sugaring wax recipe

How I Save $50 per month with DIY Sugar Wax Recipe No Strips

Sugar Waxing – Learn how to make sugar wax at home and when done properly, it removes hair from the roots. Sugaring hair removal is very similar to waxing and it isn’t as painful because it doesn’t stick as much to the skin, and is used at room temperature.

foot softener

Get Baby Soft Feet Using 2 Ingredients

This foot softener is very simple and only made of 2 ingredients, making your feet super soft and sandal ready this summer.

Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal At Home

This Permanent Hair Removal at Home mixture helps you remove unwanted hair from your legs, body, face, and underarms like magic with no pain at all.

Instant Migraine Relief

Pressure Points for Headache Migraine Relief

Learn the right pressure points to get instant relief for migraine, headaches, tension, stress, and a throbbing brain.

how to Make Rosewater

How To Make A RoseWater Toner

Here are the easy steps on how to properly make pure,  rosewater (which is not by boiling the petals).  This process creates concentrated and clean rosewater that is effective for beauty purposes.

How to Use Aloe Vera for Dark Spots

How To Use Aloe Vera Cubes For Pimples, Dark Spots, And Acne Scars

How to Use Aloe Vera – Make this a part of your daily beauty regimen, and in just two weeks your skin will be bright, youthful and free of scars, dark spots, and acne.

Flatten your stomach

Wall Workout – No Squats Needed To Flatten Your Stomach

Flatten your Belly – No Squats Needed – with these fantastic workout routines you will be able to flatten your belly, slim your thighs, and firm your butt in 2 weeks!

How to Bring Pimple to a Head

How To Draw Out A Pimple – How to Bring a Pimple to a Head

A blind pimple is an under the skin pimple with no head, this remedy will help to flush the area and draw the pimple to the surface of the skin & is ready to be drained without much effort.

Facial Massage for glowing skin

Facial Massages for Glowing Skin and Slimmer Face

Here’s an effective facial massage for glowing skin and a slimmer face. These techniques give you an instant glow and you can do these any time of the day.

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