How To Make EOS Lip Balm In Just 5 Minutes

Most of us are obsessed with all things lip balm, particularly the EOS Lip balm and its cute packaging. And therefore, you’ve accumulated with a bunch of empty lip balm containers like me.

These adorable containers are way too cute to just simply discard them away.

DIY Lip balm
DIY Lip balm | Credit: Whatsupmom

How To Make EOS Lip Balm

So, instead of throwing away your old EOS containers, why don’t you re-use them by creating your very own DIY EOS Lip balm?

The lip balm recipe isn’t life-changing as it’s so easy to create and experiment the flavors of your DIY lip balm. 

But the packaging hack itself takes the DIY lip balm up a notch. Also, remember to exfoliate your lips  regularly and learn my homemade firming mask as well.

Take a look for yourself and see to re-creates or upcycle your favorite old EOS containers with this simple tutorial.

Quick Tip before you start!

For those who are using a used EOS lip balm, it is highly recommended to pop out the middle layer of your EOS lip balm container, and wash them all together. Let them dry and be ready before the melting process begins. If you’re struggling to remove the remaining lip balm, pour a little boiling water over it.

You’ll Need:

  • 4 tbsp Beeswax (I got mine from Amazon)
  • 4 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1 tsp Vitamin E Oil
  • few drops of Peppermint Oil (or any scented essential oil – this is optional)
  • some Lipstick
  • Plastic pots or your empty EOS container


Grate the beeswax if you have in solid form. Add the coconut oil and the grated beeswax (just use the 1:1 ratio) in a glass container.

Tip: Use less beeswax if you want a glossier texture.

homemade lip balm
How to Make EOS Lip Balm
Pop them in the microwave for a minute or until they are fully melted. Add some old lipstick or crayon and 1 tsp of vitamin E oil.
DIY Lip balm recipe
DIY Lip balm recipe
Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Pop them back to microwave for about 10 seconds until everything is melted and stir.

If you’re refilling the EOS lip balm container, just unscrew it and pop out the middle piece using a knife. And take that piece we just popped out from the base and screw it into the lid. 

How to make EOS lip balm
How to make EOS lip balm
Pour in the mixture until it completely covers the plastic and place it in the fridge to solidify.
homemade lip balm recipe
homemade lip balm recipe
You can also use small pot containers for the left-over and let them cool down or let them set.
Once the EOS Lip balm is hardened, we can now put them back together by popping the base back on and twist the top off.
EOS Lip balm ingredients
You can use some small pot containers

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Credit: Whatsupmom

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