An UnExpected Acne Fighter – Vapor Rub for Acne

Acne is annoying, frustrating, and even embarrassing. Skincare product manufacturers know how bad the acne crisis can be for some people and finding solutions for it can be costly. This brings alternative acne solutions under the spotlight.

Common household products are usually sought after to get rid of acne. Toothpaste is usually a common solution, but vapor rub for acne elimination is not. Perhaps this is the solution for your recurring derma dilemma.

vapor rub for acne
vapor rub for acne

Yes, you read it correctly—vapor rub. The household brand is Vicks Vapor Rub, which comes in that distinct blue jar. I truly never thought that this soothing, minty ointment can help abolish acne from my life.

I tried everything to vanquish my acne problems, so after reading about this product’s effect on troublesome acne, I thought, “Why not?”

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After some one-on-one time with Google, I’ve learned that Vicks Vapor Rub is not a weird or even an unheard-of solution to acne infection. Of course, it was as if a great big secret had been kept from me all these years. Why have I wasted my time and money trying out all those creams, gels, and facial washed?

A short pause later, I realized that the effort, money, and time I spent giving in to the propaganda of these commercial skin care products. I went to try Clearasil, Proactiv, Clinique, and Neutrogena. I also depended on products formulated by dermatologists.

The acne solutions I tried only diminished mild cases of acne. They never really helped me when I had agonizing cystic acne.

vicks vapor rub for pimples
vicks vapor rub for pimples

Main ingredients in Vicks Vapor Rub that help eliminate cystic acne:

  • Eucalyptus oil
  • This component of Vicks is also a cough suppressant like camphor. Just like camphor, eucalyptus oil can also help with skin issues such as cystic acne. Its antibacterial properties can help clear up your skin.
  • Camphor
  • Vick Vapor Rub uses camphor as a cough suppressant and an analgesic. In truth, camphor is also an effective treatment for skin problems such as skin irritations and fungal infections. Just don’t apply too much on the affected area.
  • Menthol
  • This Vicks Vapor Rub ingredient (menthol) is also a topical analgesic and cough suppressant. Once applied on a progressing cystic acne, it can reduce the swelling and the pain. Just note that using the rub can also irritate sensitive skin.
  • Cedar Leaf Oil (Inactive Ingredients)
  • This component can be toxic, but it doesn’t harm you when you apply Vicks because it’s merely an inactive ingredient there. This oil soothes coughs and colds. It can also treat rashes.

What You'll Need:

  • Vick Vapor Rub
  • Q-Tip Cotton Swab


  • Smear a q-tip (cotton swab) with Vapor rub, and  smear it on the affected area and leave it overnight. You might feel a tingly sensation and a weirdly cool experience, but that is just normal. 

The Result?

So, there I was, staring at a jar of Vicks Vapor Rub. I then heaved a sigh and opened it. The familiar smell reached my nose, so I inhaled it and smiled. I prayed it would eliminate the new cystic acne on my jaw.

I applied Vicks on my cystic pimple. To my utter surprise, my cystic acne crisis mellowed after just two days of application. Vicks also gave my skin more comfortable. 

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