How I Save $50 per month with DIY Sugar Wax Recipe No Strips

I have always been fascinated by natural beauty recipes and when I came across a DIY Sugar wax recipe with no strips, I knew I had to try it. I am especially intrigued and excited with the thought of being able to make my care products at home.

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It suggests that:

  • It’s usually made using natural ingredients and things you have in the kitchen.
  • You save lots of money
  • Waste is reduced because the natural products are stored in containers you have at home
  • Making natural products is fun because it’s based on science

I wouldn’t normally resort experiments when it comes to my well-being, but the Sugar Wax Recipe or hair removal wax seemed like a promising concept.

Although it might sound a bit awkward for those who are used to purchasing the waxing products from the supermarket, this sugar wax recipe no strips technique has been used for centuries.

Save Your money

Personal wax costs about $50 a month or rather $60 a month including a $10 tip. This ends up to $720 a year, which is a huge amount of money. Though I’m calculative, I don’t actually like being wild and wooly, it’s more of a personal preference.

It is not painful, in fact it will feel almost painless compared with other traditional solutions, and your skin will be just as smooth as if you were to use an expensive commercial product.

Can you Sugar Wax at Home?

I’ve heard of and tried sugar waxing over the past few years. I always end up creating a huge mess while trying it. It not only didn’t work but I also ended up burning and bruising myself a few times.

However, I never gave up and continued trying. I conducted more research on sugar waxing until I found a suitable sugar wax recipe with no strips recipe. I have to say, it worked so well that I have never used the European Wax Center again.

Can you Use Wax without Strips?

This is an important point. You don’t want to apply wax on your skin as you do with traditional waxing. You have to do exactly the opposite, meaning no strips wax. It’s a bit messy job where you scoop out the wax, make it into a ball and then apply it in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

This is why I usually sit on an old towel while waxing. While I use a rubber spatula to apply the wax, you can always use your hands.

How Does Sugaring Wax Work?

The sugaring wax works by lifting the hair, which you do by ripping it off with a single flicking action. Applying the wax in the same direction in the first place makes the process much less painful. It also reduces while reducing the possibility of changed ingrown hairs.

If you prefer applying the wax with your hands, then apply it to the area a few times. Rubbing the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth to ensure it clings onto it.

1  Use one hand to grab the end of the wax and use the other hand to pull the skin taut. Now rip off the wax with a flicking action but don’t rip it off in a single go like you do with normal waxing.

This is a slow, inch by inch procedure where you feel satisfied seeing each hair strand pulled out by the root. Make sure you apply some pressure to the area after waxing it too.

2  You can alternatively use a spatula to apply the wax and then apply cotton strips over it for removing the wax. This is less painful because the wax comes off in a single movement.

Besides, it also removes more hair strands. The drawback is that you cannot reuse the wax unlike using wax without the cotton strips where you can use the same ball of wax numerous times. You can use it until it becomes white and not sticky after collecting all the hair and dead skin cells.

Always wash a wax strip after using it. Don’t worry. It’s an easy process. Just fill your sink with some warm water, rub the strips in it and the wax slowly comes off. You can then reuse the strips as many times as you want.

Is Sugaring Less Painful than Waxing?

Telling you frankly, hair removal of any kind is painful. It all depends on the technique used, and how well you do it. Other pains determining factors are your threshold, body sensitivity, and personal tolerance levels.

Many factors decide what you can and cannot handle, which you have to consider. However, if you ask me, sugaring is not a painful procedure. It does sting and smarts a bit when you pull the paste ball back, but I wouldn’t say it’s painful. To me, it’s more irritating.

sugar wax recipe no strips
Credit: sugaringnyc | sugar wax recipe no strips

According to’s FAQ section, it’s because the sugar doesn’t stick to the skin cells that sugaring is not so discomforting. Waxing is rather painful because the wax sticks to the live skin cells when pulled off.

Another reason Hibba Beauty gives for sugar waxing being less painful than hot wax is that hair is removed in the direction of hair growth. Besides, it only sticks to the hair and not cells.

Hibba still uses strips for sugar waxing despite pure sugaring not requiring strips. This is why based on the above-mentioned factors; it looks like the strips can add to the pain.

When I sugar wax, I first apply the wax ball to the skin and then pull it back. The sensation felt is comparable to the discomfort felt while pulling a Band-Aid but is less painful than using hot wax strips.

Can Sugaring Remove Hair Permanently?

Sugaring is a softer hair removal experience than traditional waxing. It only pulls out the hairs and doesn’t affect the skin surface as waxing does.

" Eventually, this hair follicle will stop growing hair altogether! The longer you continue to sugar, the less hair will grow back. Even the hairs that do continue to grow will be weaker and get continuously thinner each time you sugar. It is important not to shave in between sugaring sessions."

On the contrary, hot wax attaches to both the skin and hair to end up pulling skin cells as it is removed. This is not only painful but also leads to redness, bruising, inflammation, and swelling.

Sometimes there is also the risk of the wax burning your skin, especially on hot, and sensitive skin parts. Sugaring isn’t so risky. It’s a gentler form of hair removal that only sticks to the hair and dead skin cells, and not to your live skin cells. This, in turn, means that sugaring is less discomforting and irritating.

Besides, this means that there is minimal irritation to the area and not much pain during Sugar Waxing. When compared to hard wax, sugar paste is a much more malleable option. This is why it can reach the hair roots and is less likely to break off surface hair.

Do you Get Ingrown Hairs from Sugaring?

You can’t say that it’s possible to 100% surely prevent ingrown hairs while removing hair because ingrown hairs are a natural side effect of hair removal.

However, in the case of sugaring, it removes the dead skin cells and residue that blocks hair follicles. You end up cleaning out the dirt or skin cells that prevent your hair’s natural growth while sugaring. This, in turn, prevents ingrown hairs.

"The root removal leads to a reduced blood supply to the follicle. This in time weakens the follicle so that there’s less hair growth each time. Whatever hair that grows is usually finer and sparser than usual. You pretty soon end up with fewer hairs, including ingrown hairs.."

Don’t believe hair removal myths like the one saying that shaving helps to revitalize your skin. 

Regular sugaring and exfoliation is a better way to revitalize your skin.

The benefit of regular exfoliation is that it prevents dead skin from blocking your follicles and pores. 

When it comes to moisturizing your skin, the best way to do it is the everyday application of a water-based moisturizer. Of course, you should also drink enough water every day.

Can you Shower after Sugaring?

The best ways to prevent possible skin irritation is by:

  • Keeping the skin clean, and not applying any harsh lotions or products for about 24-48 hours. 
  • Not exercising immediately after treatment. 
  • Not doing any exfoliation or applying any abrasives on the skin for 48 hours after a sugaring treatment. 
  • Not bathing or taking showers for 24 hours after a treatment.

Does Sugaring Help with Strawberry Legs?

It does help in a way because regularly but gently removing dead skin cells on the legs helps new hair to easily grow through the skin surface. It also reduces strawberry legs while preventing ingrown hairs.

Replacing the lost moisture helps improve your skin’s appearance while preventing strawberry leg symptoms.

Is it better to wax or shave?

Permanent hair removal  – the ultimate goal for so many ladies! Most of us know the agony of choosing a technique like waxing, only to see hairs re-appear a few days later.

The market offers dozens of “long-lasting” possibilities but most of these are based on harsh chemicals, or they’re ineffective.

The good news is that the chemical-filled products aren’t the only possibility regarding effective hair removal. And here comes the sugar waxing as compared to regular chemical wax. This method does not adhere to the skin so the hair can be pulled at the root without damaging or hurting the surface

Some simple and safe home hair removal products can be made and used to get excellent results.

WAXING Pros Cons
1 Hair removal is long lasting, you get smooth clean skin for weeks. 2 weeks waiting time for growth. Waxing works best when hair is a quarter of an inch (1cm long). This gives the wax something to grab onto.
2 Waxing can be faster than shaving, especially for smaller areas. Can experience temporary redness of skin after waxing. But it goes away quickly.
3 Waxing is clean and hygienic. No need to worry about bacteria living in your razor blade. Technique takes practise so its essential to carefully follow the instructions to get the best results.
1 Razor blade is re-usable and it's cheap. Hair re-growth can appear coarser and darker.
2 Convenience especially when taking shower. Re-growth results in uncomfortable stubbles and the dreaded ‘prickle leg’.
3 No need to wait for your hair to grow out. Nick and cuts can occur in a steamy shower, and razor burns are a thing.

How To Make Sugar Wax

I’m equally attracted by the idea of paying virtually nothing for a product that is second to none of those that I could acquire online.

The sheer idea of making an appointment, driving all the way to the salon for professional care and writing a check for all this trouble is giving me headaches.

With this easy diy sugar wax recipe, I can enjoy the same benefits hassle-free and due to the fact that the hair is pulled out at its roots, it takes longer for it to grow again.

TIPS Pre-Sugaring: Your hair must be at least a quarter of an inch long to be a better candidate for sugaring wax, so the paste will stick to the hair and pull out the roots. Also, before doing the process, make the affected area well exfoliated and not oily.S

Ingredients for Sugar Wax DIY

  • 1 cup sugar, white or brown (I used white)
  • 2 tablespoons water 
  • 2 or 3 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon salt (optional, but I used it)

Directions :

Combine all of your ingredients in a pan. Stir that up. Simmer it over low-to-medium heat (low is better so you have a lesser chance of burning your mixture).

how to make sugar wax
Set the fire to low-medium heat
Continue stirring the mixture and watch the sugar crystals liquify. Keep stirring until it starts to change the color from white to amber to golden brown. This process will take about 8 minutes.

Once it turns to golden color, turn the heat off and remove immediately off the heat. The mixture will start to thicken.

Sugaring wax
Turn off the heat once the mixture turns to golden brown

Pour over the sugar mixture into a slightly wet surface like cool marble countertop (or you can use the baking sheet or ceramic plate instead) once the color turns to golden brown.

Sugaring wax recipe

Pour the mixture over a slightly wet surface.

1 of 1

  It’s very essential that you progressively bring in the edges, fold in the sugar wax to the center using a spoon, so it has time to cool down and enough to touch. The sugaring wax removes itself much easier when there’s a thin layer of water THAN when it’s in a dry surface.

Make sure your hands are wet before scooping the sugaring wax. The wax is really hot so take precaution not to get your hands burned while kneading. So be extra careful.

TIPS: Remember, water will melt the sugaring wax. Therefore, once you poured the wax into the marble surface, immediately soak the pan with water for easy clean-up. As to clean up the marble surface, apply some water and rub away the residue. It’s a tedious task that needs some elbow grease, that’s why some of you prefer to use the baking sheet instead.

After scooping the wax, continue stretching it more and wet your hands a bit for easy maneuver. Stretch, stretch and stretch! Once you achieve a light golden color, it’s ready for use.

Cut into half and continue stretching the sugaring wax until its ready and you formed it into a wax ball. However, wrap the excess wax  using a cling or saran wrap then, you can wrap it again with foil and store it in the fridge for future use. Just take the portion you need and put the rest back.

sugaring wax recipe
Cut into half and wrap with a cling wrap

Sugar Waxing Instructions: How do you use sugar wax?

Make sure that the area you are waxing is completely dry.  Position the wax ball opposite to the direction of hair growth. Pull your skin taut and smooth over the area a few times so it would really adhere to the hair, then pull off in the direction of growth as fast as you can.

Compare to regular waxing, you can go over the same area a few more times if you miss any stubborn follicle. Once done, just go over your skin with a warm damp towel to remove any stickiness.

This sugar wax recipe no strips is water-soluble, so you shouldn’t have any struggles washing it off your skin or fabric in case you get them in your clothes. You can also apply aloe vera gel afterwards to soothe your skin!


Using this method, your result will last for a good 2 weeks more or less depending on a person.

Another benefit using this wax is you can continue using the same wax ball on multiple areas of your body up until it loses its elasticity.

Tips For a Successful Sugar Waxing:

As per my experience, the sugar waxing is actually less painful and gives me a nice exfoliating experience that yield a smooth and hair-free armpits.

After 2 weeks, my hair pits grew back thinner and sparser every time. True to its claim, the sugaring wax has the advantage of lesser downtime. Here are the tips that would help you have a nice experience:

  • Fresh lemon juice is highly recommended. Like, fresh-squeezed from a whole lemon instead of the bottled one, I think this made a HUGE difference.
  • Don’t rush the preparation process, so don’t try to speed up the cooking or cooling process.
  • Gently exfoliate after 2 days to help prevent ingrown hairs.
  • If your wax cools or hardens too much, zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds.
  • Make clean-up easy by gently dunking containers and tools into hot water.
  • Extra Tip: let the whole mixture cool in the fridge in a glass jar. When you’re ready to wax, microwave your mixture for about 10 seconds. Use a little bit of that wax and it’ll be at the perfect temperature. This will also prevent you from having to make a batch of wax every month.

Things to be Aware Of:

1   You may not get all the hairs in the first sugar waxing session, especially if you were shaving before. It’s because your hair grows back at different rates. You may also use tweezers to pluck out the remaining hairs once you are done. This is what I did, but it’s, of course, an optional step.

2   You may have to sugar wax two to three times to get a smooth shave. However, the effects last for at least 4-6 weeks and the hair follicle ends up damaged enough to stop hair from growing.

I let my hair grow for about a week before doing this. Waiting is the worst part but I do it because I noticed that the results are better with longer hair.

3   Sugar waxing is a tad painful on the legs. However, it’s relatively more painful on the underarms and extremely painful to many in the bikini area. This is why I suggest you have a close friend or partner to help you out.

Results are better with their help and guidance. This is because most people tend to sugar wax halfway because of the pain. However, if someone else is there they end up ripping it in a single movement where you can’t stop it at all.

4   It is not advisable to shave if you have intermittent rogue hairs because they end up growing back at different rates. It’s better if you exercise some patience with the method. You may pluck hairs from the roots if you can’t take them out.

5   Sugar waxing gives the best results with thick, dark hair. The hair from my knees down is dark and I have to say, it remains smooth and hairless for as long as 4+ weeks after a sugar waxing treatment. However, I have to shave the thin and fine blonde hair on my thighs and not rip them out.

6   Sugar waxing can get messy. I suggest keeping some water nearby for dropped wax bits in unwanted places.

7   The sugar wax recipe with no strips mixture needs some time to make, and once made, lasts for about two-leg waxing sessions. You can double the proportions if required.

8    Store the mixture in a tightly sealed container for future use. I recommend first heating the mixture in a microwave for a few seconds the next time you use it.


Don’t worry. I understand if you are still having double thoughts, and are not so comfortable with the sugaring hair removal method. It took me a year to finally convince myself to start using it but I do say that the wait was well worth it.

A sugaring treatment was like a Godsend to me where I didn’t have to worry about the dark leg hairs for at least a month after the treatment. It was painful, but tolerable because it was on my legs.

I, however, suggest you exercise some caution while sugaring more sensitive regions. I, however, am so impressed with this hair removal treatment and results that I will continue using it.

As I said, I thank the many YouTube videos I watched. They all taught me the technique, how to use it and the different methods that worked for different people. The process calmed my nerves to make me feel more comfortable with sugaring.

You can watch the video down below >>

There are three kinds of people in this world: people who make it happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder what happened.

~ Tommy Lasorda

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  4. Is there a shelf life for this sugaring wax? Im planning to give this to a friend, is it possible to make it ahead of time? Do I need to store it in the fridge? Thanks

    1. @Shiela,
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      Sugar wax is a bit sticky but is water-soluble, so it’s easy to rinse it off with water, that’s why I like sugaring wax

    1. @Kim,
      I’m not really sure what would be the effect if lemon is not used in this recipe. But I heard vinegar works as well, so anything acidic (lime, lemon juice, vinegar) should work.
      Sugar resists crystallization when an acid is introduced, let me know how it will work for you.

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