Magic Hair Growth Oil – Stop Hair Fall And Grow New Hair

How to do Hot Oil Treatment for Hair Growth

Be it teens, adults or elderly, almost everyone is facing hair loss/hair growth problems these days. During my high school days, I suffered from hair loss as I’ve found myself losing handfuls of hair for no apparent reason.

I was even scared of going to the shower as seeing those hairs left behind clogging the drains simply horrified me to the highest level.

hot oil treatment for hair growth
hot oil treatment for hair growth

I even went to a doctor so he could give me his diagnosis but it came out negative as he offered zero explanation why I was losing my hair.

I was disappointed, and it prompted me to troll the internet and tried some Indian secrets for growing hair.

Well, now I’m a believer in using natural ingredients. This mixture worked for me, and I have no doubt, this will work for you as well. Use this regularly and soon you will see improvements.

Remember, patience is a virtue.

You'll :

Adjust the amount according to your needs.


Grate the onions and squeeze to extract the juice using a strainer.
hot oil treatment
grate the onion and extract the juice

Add 2 tbsp of Bhringraj Oil and 1 tbsp of Castor Oil and mix all together.

hot oil treatment for hair growth
add the oils into onion juice and mix together
Now, heat the mixture up by putting in a pot of hot water (don’t put this in microwave).
oil massage for hair
heat the mixture in a pot of hot water or a double broiler

Massage the mixture into your scalp. Make sure that the oil touches your scalp. You can flip your hair back and massage the oil on your scalp about 2 minutes but I like to massage my scalp up to 5 minutes.

This process stimulates the blood flow to your hair roots which if done right, really helps a lot in hair fall and hair growth.

Castor oil for hair growth
Massage the oil on your scalp
Let it sit for about 30 minutes and rinse it off as usual by using shampoo and conditioner. Use this routine 2 – 3 times a week to see results.

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