Miracle Hair Mask for Damaged, Dry & Frizzy Hair in just 30 Minutes

You can create a fabulous hair mask from ingredients you probably already have at home, except glycerin, but it’s inexpensive and commonly found in the skin care area of most drug stores.

Each ingredient improves the health of your hair, while also moisturizing, reducing frizziness and making it look smooth, shiny and beautiful.

Best of all, this won’t cost a fortune to make or take forever to see the effects. You’ll notice the difference immediately and see even more improvement each time you use it.

Why These Ingredients:

miracle hair mask
Miracle Hair Mask for super Dry, Damaged Hair

Milk & Butter

 Milk products play a prominent role. The first important ingredient is butter. Organic butter from grass fed cows that is unsalted is best. 

Butter contains many fatty acids the hair absorbs that make your hair healthier, while also smoothing the hair and adding moisture. Milk is the second of the dairy products used.

Milk contains vitamin D, vitamin E and many different proteins that help make hair shinier, while also repairing damaged hair and making it softer.

Olive Oil & Castor Oil

Olive oil and Castor oil are two other products used in this hair mask. Both contain antioxidants that can help the scalp and the production of hair.

They also contain many vitamins and nutrients important to hair health, such as vitamin E and Omega fatty acids.

Both ingredients help make hair more manageable and both aid in making hair smooth and soft. While not everyone will have castor oil, it’s another inexpensive item you can find at your local drug store.

It’s also used for many other beauty treatments for the hair and skin.


Honey is another ingredient found in this hair mask. Honey is a humectant, which means it attracts moisture and prevents loss of moisture content.

Be careful when you choose your honey for the hair mask. Many commercial types of inexpensive commercial honey are diluted with water and sugar to make it less expensive.

Try to find local honey and even better, raw honey. Honey also has antibacterial properties, It stimulates the growth of hair and makes it more manageable.


Glycerin, just like honey, is a humectant that attracts moisture. Using this combination of ingredients in your hair mask will make your hair healthier and more beautiful, without the frizz.

Miracle Hair Mask
Hair Mask for Super Dry, Damaged Hair
 You’ll Need :
  • unsalted butter
  • milk
  • olive oil or coconut oil
  • castor oil
  • raw honey
  • glycerin (you can find this in your health stores or at amazon)


① Grab 2-3 tbsp of unsalted butter and put in a bowl and add 4 tbsp raw milk, 2 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil.

② Put in the mixture – 2 tbsp castor oil, 2 tbsp raw honey and 1 tbsp glycerin.

③ Now, mix all the ingredients and whisk or use a hand mixer and beat the mixture in low setting.

④ Whisk/beat until it will form a paste-like consistency and it’s ready to use.

⑤ Apply the mixture by section from roots to tips but concentrate more on the hair tips.

⑥ Let it sit for 30 minutes and shampoo to wash it off. Repeat the shampoo if you feel your hair is a bit greasy

⑦ Do this routine 2x a week to see best results.

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