Facial Massages for Glowing Skin and Slimmer Face

Sometimes I watch videos just to be the Devil’s advocate and make fun of what they’re saying. That’s mean, I know, but I’ve ended up finding some great ways to help myself by doing this. That’s what happened when I watched this video on a facial massage.

Facial Massage for Glowing Skin
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I followed the video at home, mimicking everything she was doing, expecting another letdown, but was pleasantly surprised to find this worked. I felt fantastic when I was done and looked even better.

Needless to say, I marked this video in my favorites and followed it whenever I felt I needed a stress relief, wanted to pamper myself or had some sinus or facial pain. I even use it the day of a big evening out to refresh my skin and give it a glow.

The pressure created by the massage technique helps move blood through congested areas, causing new blood to flow in.

That boost in circulation is what gets you glowing, but other benefits include improved skin tone and muscle contouring an instant headache, neck tension, and stress relief; alleviating nervous disorders and correcting liver and gallbladder imbalances.

Massaging your face increases blood circulation, removes the toxins while giving you a natural flush of glow on your cheeks. Also, it reduces the sign of aging, helps you de-stress and removes the puffiness around your eyes. It’s a great way to slim down your face and accentuate your jawline.

You can massage your face literally anywhere convenience for you. Be at work, early in the morning or before hitting the bed. You can do this routine as many times as you want, anytime of the week.

Follow These Steps:

The Sprints

Before anything else, make sure your hands are clean before doing this routine so your face is free from all the dirt and bacteria. Now, apply a facial cream or moisturizer to massage your face.

Gently run your fingers all over your face as you’re doing the sprinting, it relaxes your facial muscles before you start with the facial massage.

It’s like a warm up that relaxes your facial muscles before you start off with the massage.

Credit: Glamrs

Zigzag Stretches

Apply moisturizer if needed, starting from the forehead gently move your hands in a zigzag motion, then go backwards searching the skin in the opposite direction. You can do the zigzag motion vertically as well.

This massage helps tighten the frown lines while releasing tense muscles on your forehead.

Stress Press

With the help of two fingers, gently press the temple of your head and slowly move from left to right in circular motion.

Facial Massage

After that, gently pinch your eyebrows for a couple of times. Also, you can press the center of your forehead couple of times and also the below part of your ears and massage them in a circular motion.


Gently move your fingers around your undereyes in a C motion. This helps reducing puffiness around the eyes to make them look fresh. Apply more moisturizer if your skin feels dry while doing these routines.

Cheeky Push Up

Stroke your hands in an upward motion, do the push up motion from the center to the end of your cheekbones. Do this in the upward motion always and NOT downward. This massage increases blood flow, giving your cheeks a faint splash of freshness. Do the other side of your cheeks as well.

Minus Sinus

Gently pinch your nose from the tip all the way to the center of your forehead. Repeat the process 3 or 4 times.

Facial massage for glowing skin
Gently pinch your nose

Toxin Remover

The lymph nodes are typically located under your chin and neck. Collect all the toxins and push them down. So push them down from the front of your chin towards your neck. Do this massage on the other side of your chin as well.

Saw your Face

Massage your face upward from the center to the cheekbones. All these massages are actually helping your facial muscles more active which promotes slimming and toning your face.

How Long Can You Do These Face Massages:

You can do these facial massages for about 5-10 minutes but you can do these routines for as long as you wish while watching TV or during night time or anytime you’re available. If you want an instant glow on your face, this is the answer.

I watched this one so often; I finally took quick notes on the steps. Now I carry that with me and don’t need to be tied to the video to give myself a quick facial massage. In under five minutes, I’m ready for anything.

At the end of the day, you are solely responsible for your success and your failure. And the sooner you realize that, you accept that, and integrate that into your work ethic, you will start being successful. As long as you blame others for the reason you aren't where you want to be, you will always be a failure.

~ Erin Cummings

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Credit: Glamrs

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