Is Facebook Making You Envious Of Other People’s Successes?

Facebook is the perfect platform for bragging. People usually upload photographs and information that paint a beautiful picture – vacations, parties, romantic dinners with significant others and professional successes.

Observing all of these triumphs and special moments can make you envious and insecure about occurrences in your life.

Facebook Envy
How Facebook Breeds Envy Between Friends

It’s nothing but normal to compare your everyday existence to that of your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. Facebook doesn’t present depression, breakups, problems and dilemmas that people face. As a result, you may start thinking that everybody else is leading the perfect life.

Many people begin experiencing depression and dissatisfaction with their existence because of such comparisons.

Facebook Updates That Make People Envious:

Various kinds of typical Facebook updates make people jealous. Here are some of the most common varieties.
  • Gushy couple: “I have the most amazing partner in the world — thanks for breakfast in bed, baby!”
    Couples who share tons of information about their amazing love life happen to be the first trigger.
  • Jet-setters: “Long flight to Rio but worth it now that we finally landed!”
  • Wealthy Friend: “I just test drove the new Mercedes but convinced my BMW is still better!”
  • Overachiever: “Ran 4 miles, made breakfast, packed lunch and into work by 8am for an important client meeting!”
  • Proud Parent of Perfect Child: “Today my son said I’m his best friend.”
  • The Lucky Partner: “My wife makes the best steak — so lucky to have a gorgeous girl that cooks!’ OR ‘Just got home to flowers and candlelit dinner made by my amazing hubby!”
  • Skinny Foodie: “Yum!” This one simply likes to post pictures of gratuitous amounts of RICH food at restaurants but you KNOW she isn’t eating it all.
  • Party Animal“I don’t normally go partying on Tuesdays, but when I do its with these girls!” Attached are pictures of guy with hot looking women, or the female version posts duck faced pictures from parties with her “besties.”

Why Is Facebook Envy So Common?

As already mentioned, people often judge their successes and life developments by comparing those to events in somebody else’s life.

Numerous studies confirm the fact that people experience dissatisfaction and feelings of inadequacy about their own life after spending some time on Facebook.

Facebook Envy
If you keep fixating on everyone else’s life, you’ll forget to enjoy your own.

I have a little secret to share with you – friends experience the same sentiments. This is why they upload information solely about the most amazing moments and developments in their life.

It all turns into a huge competition and keeping up with the positive updates could become a mission impossible.

I have a very simple habit of asking myself why a person is posting a particular update during a specific period. Is it all pink and perfect?

Are there ulterior motives? I happen to be a bit skeptical by nature, which helps me protect myself from Facebook envy.

Do you Want to Know How to Keep Yourself Free from such Negative Emotions?

Here’s a simple guide to having Facebook fun without experiencing jealousy or dissatisfaction with your existence because of somebody else’s posts.

Facebook Envy
Remember that online communication is easy and so many people feel lonely or isolated in their everyday life.

Overcoming Facebook Envy

People Only Post What They WANT You to See.

When you feel sad that you can’t take a vacation right now or that you’re still single when everybody else seems to be madly in love, remember that people post the things they want you to see. Remember that their lives are full of problems and difficult situations, as well.

People Are Telling a Story.

It’s also easy to come up with patterns about people who repetitively post about the same topic or the same life achievement. A girl who uploads solely party photographs is desperate to appear cool and fun. Probably her life is so boring that each party she goes to is a special event worth sharing with the world.

There Might be Something Deeper Happening.

Next time you feel down, remember the following – studies suggest that many women use Facebook to boost their self-confidence and to feel better about themselves.

This is precisely why so many girls “fish” for compliments through the status updates or the pictures that they post online.

People are Emotionally Needy.

Just like you, other people have emotional needs that often remain unaddressed. Very often, these people look for the approval of strangers, or they seek comfort that can’t be obtained in everyday life.

Facebook becomes an outlet and a possibility for such individuals to find their niche and to start feeling so much better.

Some people need recognition because they think it validates achievements. There could be deep reasons for particular uploads – reflect on those and stop feeling so sad about your own existence.

People are Lonely.

Do you have the friend that is always posting everything they buy when they’re shopping, every event they attend, or every Latte they drink (I’ve been to Starbucks too!)?

While it seems fun at first to be privy to their shopping cart, now I wonder why this person shares so much with me and the rest of Facebook.

Social Media Envy
Don't believe you have to be better than everybody else. Just believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, remember that online communication is easy and so many people feel lonely or isolated in their everyday life. They get the courage to say many things online or to brag about achievements that they can’t share with anybody else.

Naturally, it’s tough to see those Facebook updates sharing, particularly the “gloating” part that often reduces your self-esteem. But bear in mind, your self-regard does not hinge on social media.

Instead of feeling jealous, you can simply join the discussion. It will often shed a lot of light about motivation. 

Cut Down Your Time Spent on Social Media – or Simply Cut it Out

Take a break on social media as a gameplan to get rid of Facebook envy to alleviate your level of life satisfaction.

If you feel that you easily sink into a mire of melancholy emotions and feeling disheartened any time you log out of Facebook, try setting a timer for a couple of hours and see how it goes.

Maintain that routine for a week or so and you might realize that you actually love your “life” pre-Facebook enunciating the verdict. Or practice abstinence.

People will sometimes brag because they feel happy about an achievement. Other times, they will be training to overcome feelings of inadequacy. It’s up to you to perceive such Facebook updates in the correct way.

Instead of feeling stressed about it, use Facebook to communicate with friends, to get access to interesting information and to inspire yourself.

It’s all about self-perception, and if you need to compare yourself to others for happiness, you probably have something missing in your life. Address this problem and your self-perception will change.

" Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained. "
~ Marie Curie

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