10-Minute Love Handle Workout | How to Get Rid of Love Handles

I love muffin tops, but not on my body….although some of those on my body came from eating real muffin tops. Whether you call them your love handles, spare tire or muffin tops, they can spoil the neat line of fitted clothing and pop over the top of the waist of your jeans.

Get Rid of Muffin Top
A few great exercises to get rid of love handles. Credit: Vicky Justiz

Those pesky lumps of flesh around the waist are tough to hide. I’ve even suffered through the super tight fitted undergarments designed for that purpose, but won’t do it again, even if the occasion is super special.

Instead, I watched this video and started doing the exercises. It’s only been 2 weeks of just doing them every other day, and I can feel the muscles reacting. I’m not saying I’m any thinner, but it’s working.

Ah, if only it were that easy. What I am saying is I now know every muscle underneath my spare tire of fat. I also did as the video suggested, I started eating healthy. I guess you can’t get rid of a muffin top if you still eat them every day.

Follow These Easy Exercises

Crunch Twist

Start with a crunch twists, so any twisting motion is really going to grate off your abdominal.

Crunch up in position, lift your feet a bit ( Note: leave your feet touching the floor if you’re a beginner) and twist your upper body. Do 30 twists in total.

If you want to make it more difficult, you can grab a light weight (2 or 3 lbs) and hold it in your hands and continue the process.

Plank Twist

Go ahead  and do the plank twists which is really good for the love handles.

Get up from your crunch twist position and do the plank. Make sure your back is straight and your abs are tight.

Do the the plank twist to one side, squeeze your abs and do the other side making sure your back stays completely straight and using your abs to twist.

Do 20 plank twists. Keep going, come back up and catch your breath.

Side Crunches Each Side

Let’s do the side crunches on each side by laying on your back and do the regular crunch.

Twist to the other side by keeping your upper body on the floor and your bottom. Squeeze your abs up and down while doing the side crunches.

Do this 20 times both sides. Now, catch your breath if you need to take a breather.

Side Plank Hip Dips

Go ahead and flip over to the other side. Twist and crunch up back down. Squeeze your abs every single time, go up and hold, and back down.

Do this 20 times both side. Now, catch your breath if you need to take a breather.

Superman Booty Lifts

This last exercise is also known as the super grande booty lift. This is good for your butt.

Lay down on your stomach, put your hands behind and lift you chest and legs at the same time.

Go up and back down, you should feel your butt as well as your back are really working.

Do this routine 20 times. Remember to inhale, exhale.

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Credit: Vicky Justiz

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