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Wow, when I saw this video it took me back in time. When I was seven or eight, all the way to my teens, I developed a fascination for plants. We lived in town, so my outside growing spot was just about eighteen inches wide by 36 inches tall.

Inside, however, I could create viable little gardens in paper cups and empty cans. Some of my plant experiments failed miserably, but the ones that worked were a source of amazement. Since we lived in the frozen north, one of my favorites was growing citrus trees.

Grow Lemon in a pot
Grow Lemon in a pot

I never actually got fruit, at that time, because my containers were small. Some went into larger containers and grew for many years. I gave many of these away, and a few reported as having small fruits on them.

The video reminded me of not only how magical the process was, but also how practical. You don’t have to order plants from a nursery or buy seeds from the store when you learn this process.

As a reminder or perhaps warning, not all seeds will result in a tree that will produce fruit, but they will lead to a tree with beautiful and fragrant foliage you’ll be proud to display in your home.

The video also reminded me that it’s easy to grow these seeds and can be lots of fun to do with children and grandchildren.

It provides more than just a fleeting form of entertainment, but months of interest and excitement.

Remember, I was extremely young when I did this and still got results. It was all trial an error…but also before the time of the internet, cell phones, and most video games, so I had time on my hands to learn.

Grow lemon in a Pot
Grow lemon in a Pot - Fast Germination

Follow These Steps:

① Slice the lemon into 4 and take off the seeds and place in a “clean” paper towel. Fold the paper towel into 4, so it would be easy to stick inside the ziplock bag.

Note: I actually started my seeds two different ways. At first, I started by putting a paper towel in a cup, putting the seed in and then adding another paper towel. I kept the whole thing moist by adding water until the seed sprouted.

I liked this technique because I could periodically check it….yes, I was very impatient. Later, as a teen, I grew other types of citrus fruit, but not necessarily intentionally.

We had houseplants everywhere, and when I was home alone, I’d dispose of the seeds into the soil of the plants.

Those grew too as small plants too. I actually transplanted those and gave them as gifts to grandparents and aunts, using the vague label, citrus tree. (I had no idea whether it was a tangerine, orange or grapefruit that grew since all three were put in the soil.)

Next, make a solution made of water and hydrogen peroxide. Use a 9 oz of water and 1 cap of hydrogen peroxide (use the cap from the peroxide bottle). Dump it into your water bottle and mix well. Adding this solution will speed up the process of germination.

Lightly sprinkle the water solution on the paper towel. Don’t need to make the towel dripping wet, we want it “DAMP” to soak up the mixture.

Flatten the paper towel and slide it to the ziplock bag and seal it nice and tight. Put a label and write the date.

Leave this out on the countertop or somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of heat or sunlight.
how to grow lemon tree from seed
How to grow Lemon Tree from Seed Indoors FAST. Growing Lemons from seeds in a pot or at home is Easy.

Check the seed after 12 or 14 days and you will see some seeds start to protrude and some seeds may sprout or grow some roots. Others said, they peel off the top layer but it won’t be necessary.

You can drop the seed in a solo cup (with quality soil) and wet a little bit of water.

Let it sit in a sunny location in our kitchen or give it a little bit of sun if you have a greenhouse. Make sure to keep it watered regularly.

Later on you can transfer it to a bigger pot and maintain its progress.

Steps for Proper Care of the Lemon Tree

  • Regular watering is required but don’t over water your plant. Just keep the water moist but not soggy.
  • Let it exposed to direct sunlight for at least 6-8 hours a day.
  • You can add fertilizer with nitrogen to produce strong growth, or get slightly acidic potting mix. The best source of nitrogen for lemon trees is commercially available slow-release fertilizer.
  • Find a sunny spot inside your house or place in a south-facing window with good airflow & sunlight.

How Long Does it Take to Grow a Lemon Tree?

  • Lemon tree can grow out in about a month or two, from seed. But if you mean when it starts to give fruit, then it will take 3-5 years for as long as they are cared properly.
  • It also varies on quite a few influencing elements, such as soil type, depth, lack of nutrients, lemon’s strain, exposure to Sunlight, or cold weather.

How Often do you Water a Lemon Tree in a Pot?

Check your soil regularly (like once a week). You know it’s time for more water if the soil feels dry to the touch 2 inches below the surface. Gradually, pour the water in the pot and wait till you see water running out of the bottom of the pot. Just keep the water moist but not soggy.

Do Lemon Trees Need a Lot of Sun?

For adequate growth of your lemon trees, they require full sunlight and need protection from the frost. While most lemon trees can tolerate a poor soil, most prefer well-drained, slightly acidic soil.

My Story :

” As you can tell by these stories, they’re easy to grow and very rewarding. I presume if you have a large enough pot or warmer weather for outside planting, you’ll be more likely to have fruit….although some plants from seeds of fruit from stores will never bear fruit.

It’s worth a try and incredibly inexpensive to try. In fact, aside from potting soil, which isn’t necessary if you have fertile ground outside, it’s free!

BTW, just one more thought. I was always experimenting with my plants. Once I crushed up a multivitamin and mixed it with the water, I used the seeds. It boosted their growth a bit.

Early on, I tried giving the plants milk. Be aware that while milk actually helped them grow better, it soured and smelled awful. I had to dump the soil and replant every plant, via my mother’s orders.

I smile just remembering the experience and am headed for the grocery for some citrus fruit….with seeds! “

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