A Smoothie A Day For 14 Days Gives A Natural Surgery-Free Facelift

I know you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see when you try this easy-to-make beauty treatment that you drink. I was skeptical at first, but the amazing results changed my mind, particularly when everyone around me noticed the difference.

While I noticed that I didn’t have the achy feeling from inflammation, others saw how great my complexion looked. It was more youthful and even felt more supple and youthful like it did when I was younger.

Facelift Smoothie
Facelift Smoothie: Firm and Plump Up Sagging Skin Naturally!

I decided to give the smoothie a try for just 2 weeks before I made my final evaluation and it seemed like that was the right amount of time to see the stunning results.

Start with Nature’s Miracle Liquid, Water

You need to get your body into detox mode before you start drinking your smoothie. You can do that easily by starting your day with a glass of warm lemon water that has a little lemon juice in it for a boost.

Use a full 8-ounce glass to aid in flushing out the toxins you accumulated the previous night. Once you’ve consumed the water, it’s time to add the magic, the smoothie, which you’ll drink periodically throughout the day.

Lemon Water
Lemon Water for Healthy Skin

Why Choose Brown Spotted Bananas and Not the Pretty Yellow Ones

The reason for using the bananas with the brown spots, the ripe ones are not just for savings at the store, although you do get them far cheaper.

The ripe bananas, spotted ones, are easier to digest and don’t cause a problem with constipation than the yellow, unripe ones, can. They make your smoothie easier to drink and less thick, as well as sweeter. They are also higher in antioxidants and can increase the activity in your bowels, which helps in detoxing.

What Makes this Smoothie “Magical?”

Bananas have a wide variety of nutrients, but one in particular can make your skin glow. They’re full to the brim with potassium, which is why many doctors recommend bananas for people with heart problems.

Potassium aids your cells in removing sodium gives your skin a more youthful appearance and also helps increase the density of your bones. You’ll notice your complexion takes on a rosy more youthful glow and the skin is far firmer because of the cumulative effects of the mix of ingredients in the miracle smoothie.

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • 5 or 10 ripe bananas (with the browning spots) – you can start with 5 bananas and add more once you’ll get used to it
  • 4 – 8 oz of coconut water (or you can use almond milk )
  • 1 scoop of raw protein powder ( or you can use chia seeds or flaxseed powder


Facelift Smoothie
Facelift Smoothie - Spotted Brown
Find bananas that look like the picture above (spotted brown), non-spotty bananas are not fully ripe and dont have the powers to produce substance TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) which has the ability to combat abnormal cells. Using this kind of bananas will make the smoothie tastes like caramel and cinnamon.
Put the liquid first (coconut water or almond milk) in the blender before adding the bananas and powder or chia seeds. Blend them on a slower Vitamix setting (or you can use any blender) till smooth (try to get no air bubbles).
Anti Aging Smoothie
Anti-Aging Smoothie Recipes For Better Skin
Take one glass for you to drink and pour the leftover in a glass or mason jar all the way to the very top (completely in line with the glass rim), close tight with its screw on lid. This is to avoid the banana smoothie to turn brown. Refrigerate the rest and drink it throughout the day, shaking it before you drink it.
Anti-Aging Smoothie Recipes For Better Skin
Anti-Aging Smoothie Recipe Using Chia Seed

You need to drink this for 14 days before you do anything else and this taste excellent. It won’t take long to feel the energy boost, and within a short time, you’ll notice subtle, then dramatic changes to your complexion.

Throughout the day, you also want to continue drinking 6 to 8-ounce glasses of water to help flush the toxins out of your body. Make sure you drink at least a liter of water in total.

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