6 Easy Exercises To Prevent Hunched Shoulders & Maintain Good Posture

Not only do hunched shoulders make you look defeated and a lot less fun or approachable to others, but it also can take away from your overall appearance, making a great looking body seem even less than attractive.

Hunched Back Exercises
Hunched Back Exercises

Benefits of these 6 Exercises that Help your Posture & Prevent Hunched Shoulders

One study showed that walking in a slouched position could affect your overall mood, making it depressed and negative. Hunching your shoulders can impede circulation and affect your overall posture.

That can cause interference with the flow and may eventually lead to severe conditions.

Some of the exercises improve your range of motion. This type of exercise involves stretching your body. Stretching increases your range of motion while warming the muscles for other exercises.

Stretching is Important

A few minutes of stretching also adds to your flexibility and can workout out smaller muscle groups that you may not have used in years.It also helps you and your muscle groups relax.

There’s plenty of good reasons to improve your posture, from health reasons ranging from improved circulation to less body stress.

Dynamic Warm Up - Shoulder Rolls

Warming the muscles means you increase your blood flow and get them ready for the workout.

It lubricates the joints, increases the oxygen delivery and improves coordination.

Both increased the range of motion and preparing the muscles to help prevent injury and builds flexibility and strength.

Head Nods - 20 Seconds

Another way these exercises help is by building muscle strength to help you stand taller.

Improved posture makes people look at you differently because it gives you more presence or visual charisma.

It adds to the appearance AND feeling of more confidence.

Hunched-shoulder exercise
Hunched Shoulder Exercise | Credit: FitnessBlender

Head Turns - 20 Seconds

That’s one reason you hear phrases like, “walk tall.”
Good posture gives you a confident attitude that is inexplicably sexy! It also adds plenty of health benefits.

It projects a positive message while also adding benefits to your health.

Head Tilts - 20 Seconds

Training your muscles and adding strength makes it easier to achieve excellent posture and builds the muscle necessary that years of slouching allowed to wither.

It helps create a habit of good posture in the process.

Head Rolls - 20 Seconds

Small Arm Circles - 20 Seconds

Big Arm Circles - 20 Seconds

Toe Touch Reach - 20 Seconds

Slouching can actually increase your risk for serious diseases and lower your overall health. Worse of all, it makes you look fat and dumpy.

The final group of exercises is cool down stretches. Cooling down after exercise helps ease the body back to normal. It aids in eliminating waste products that build up in your muscles from exercise.

These waste products, such as lactic acid, would remain there if you suddenly just stopped the workout.

No matter how hard you work on a fabulous body, poor posture won’t allow that hard work to show. It puffs out your tummy and gives you a frumpy look.

Think about any movie or picture you’ve seen showing a monarch or other royalty and servants, peasants or those of lesser rank.

The leader or royalty always has impeccable posture, while the peons are bent over and slumping.

Even if both were dressed alike, you’d be able to spot the less powerful immediately by the poor posture.

Believe me, my journey has not been a simple journey of progress. There have been many ups and downs, and it is the choices that I made at each of those times that have helped shape what I have achieved.

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