Easy Homemade DIY Tinted Lip Balm

Have you ever thought of making your own DIY tinted lip balm?

Everyone wants luscious, supple, and smooth lips. Each day, lips should be pampered, but acquiring those costly spa-inspired lip treatments can affect your daily budget if you use them often.

Lips can suffer from chronic dryness and if your lips are dry all the time, you need to look for a more economical solution.

diy lip balm with vaseline
Credit: LeZoeMusings |diy lip balm with vaseline

Maintaining healthy, pretty lips while keeping the wallet intact is, indeed, a challenge to most. The search for an inexpensive alternative to those commercial lip treatments often yields processes that involve microwaving or cooking.

In my case, I wanted a lip balm recipe or a chapstick tint that I would just mix up quickly without the fuss of heating. After my usual beauty trials, I finally came up with this simple, yet effective lip balm recipe.

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It is undeniable, yet too difficult to admit that we do possess myriad products to keep our eyes, lips, or cheeks healthy and pretty—sometimes too many to keep in one drawer. Just about a month ago, I opened my beauty drawer and saw many unused products just occupying space.

I found it unbelievable that I even kept makeup that I would never even consider wearing such as loose blush and eyeshadow. As I heave a sigh, I comforted myself by thinking I am not the only one with a drawer like this. (Right?)

DIY Tinted Lip balm
how to make tinted lip balm

Among all the beauty products I possess, I am a bit particular with lip balm. I detest cracked lips. To prevent my lips from feeling rough, I moisturize them after showering in the morning and after washing my face in the evening.

I also moisturize them as needed during the rest of the day. Applying lip balm seems to have become a habit for me. Looking at the excess beauty products, I was certain I could concoct my very own tinted lip balm. They won’t go to waste that way.

What do you mean when you say Vaseline?

This DIY lip balm recipe is found everywhere on the internet. It is really extremely easy to make on your own. In my case, I created two types of lip balm—one with a loose mineral blush and the other with a lipstick. Their lip balm base is petroleum jelly.

I wouldn’t blame you if you made a face as you read “petroleum jelly”. Many articles say that this substance is not good for you. I also believed the same thing until I saw my dermatologist that one time.

After using EOS “natural” lip balm, my skin had a terrible allergic reaction. I experienced discomfort, swelling, cracked lips, and stinging. My dermatologist told me that not everything labeled “natural” is good for the skin.

She told me to apply a thick layer of Vaseline on my lips each night until they are restored. 

Before I saw her, I tried to use hydrocortisone creams and various lip balms.

None even came close to the relief Vaseline petroleum jelly gave me.

DIY Lip Stain
Credit: LeZoeMusings | DIY Lip Stain

Is Vaseline Bad for ?

Vaseline was the only lip treatment that worked on my sore lips. Many people tolerate its consistency, which is why many prescription creams have it as one of their active ingredients.

My dermatologist also elaborated that numerous unproven claims about the detrimental effects of this product are found everywhere.

The truth is that petroleum jelly serves as a protectant barrier and prevents moisture from escaping. Once you apply it on your skin, it becomes dry because the jelly blocks out moisture. But it’s not going to add moisture.

Yet, when you mix petroleum jelly with moisturizing ingredients or if you put petroleum jelly on your skin after applying your moisturizer, the jelly locks in the moisture. Petroleum jelly doesn’t allow moisture to escape at all.

Ingredients to Avoid that Might your Lips

Minty ingredients like menthol and peppermint
Chemical exfoliants like salicylic acid
Cinnamon, eucalyptus, citrus, any fragrances
Propyl gallate

Just remember: Any products that give you a stinging or burning sensation, it only means one thing — It’s not working, it’s actually hurting!

A rule of thumb: You know your body best than anyone else. So use with precaution.

What You'll Need to Create this DIY Lip Stain:

  • Vaseline – (act as the base)
  • chunk of Lipstick or Loose Mineral Blush
  • Favorite Essential Oil – (optional)
  • Ziploc
  • Travel Size empty container – (I got mine from the dollar store in the craft section)

Follow these :

1  Blending is easy. Just get a small Ziploc sandwich bag and in it, place loose mineral blush or lip color and petroleum jelly.
Seal the bag and mix by rubbing the products together. Your hands stay clean because you’re just manipulating the bag.

DIY Lip stain
Mix the lip color + the Vaseline

2  Once you’re done blending, get a pair of scissors and snip a bottom corner of the Ziploc bag. Pipe the lip balm into a small container. You’ll find the colors very attractive and subtle.

chapstick tint
Just snip the bottom corner of the ziploc & pipe it into a container

So, beauty freaks, check out and clean out that drawer of yours and try this DIY lip balm. While you’re mixing up a batch, why not make some for your family and friends as well?

DIY tinted lip balm does make a thoughtful little present.

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